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Cooking classes


Some of the greatest Italian chefs in Los Angeles will bring their collective expertise to offer a series of cooking classes at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Giuseppe Gentile, Il Fico

Regional Food: PUGLIA


Taralli all'olio d'oliva

Focaccia pugliese con pomodorini e oregano

Orecchiette fatte a mano con rapini, polipo e mollica

Orata alla pugliese

Dolcetti di mandorla con amarene

Schedule: May 10, 2014/Saturday/10:30AM to 2PM
Location: IIC Kitchen
Fees: $85 (non-members)/$80 (IIC members) 
To register please call (310) 824-7408


Wine in contemporary Italy: Exploring the unique wines of each region in collaboration with North American Sommelier Association 

Nebbiolo...the grape from the fog. 

The Nebbiolo grape varietal is amongst the most noble, sought after, imitated and revered wine grapes in the world, responsible for some of the most famous and long lived wines ever (Barolo, Barbaresco, Valtellina, Gattinara...). Join Piemonte native Diego Meraviglia for a tour through the world of this ancient, mysterious and seductive wine varietal as we explore it's very core.

Schedule: April 28, 2014/Monday/6:30 to 8PM
Location: IIC Kitchen
Fees: $40 (non-members)/$35 (IIC/NASA members)
To register please call (310) 824-7408


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