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Winter 2016 (January - April)

Courses Certification Length
Basic Italian 1 QCER:A1 20 hours  
Basic Italian 2 QCER:A1 20 hours  
Basic Italian 3                                                            QCER:A2 20 hours  
Intermediate Italian 1 QCER:B1 20 hours  
Intermediate Italian 2 QCER:B2 20 hours  
Advanced Italian 1 QCER:C1 20 hours  
Advanced Italian 2 QCER:C2 20 hours  
Conversation Club 20 hours
Cultural Courses from 3 to 20 hours




For private and semi-private classes, please contact the office for more information.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles reserves the right to cancel or modify the schedule and the courses before the courses begin.
There must be at least 5 students in order to hold a class from the 1st to the 7th level.


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